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McDonalds epitomizes those problems, JCarr

Posted by: Mike on August 02, 1998 at 23:36:59:

In Reply to: McSpotlight posted by jcarr on August 02, 1998 at 13:20:31:

You wrote, "Get real and get a life ....spend some energy on a real problem like global warming or Africa`s starving millions."

That is the point, JCarr. Beef production is one of the prime causes of ecological devastation and starvation. Rainforests and other forest land are burned or cut down to make pasture for cattle; there is a proven link between the destruction of forests and the rise of air pollution, the latter being the cause of global warming. Cattle shit leads to water pollution, and cattle destroy topsoil with their hooves, leading to soil erosion and its attendant environmental problems. As for starvation, the vast majority of grain grown in the world is used to feed livestock; poor people cannot generally afford meat, and their grain is shipped to livestock producers, hence hunger results. The more you learn about the linkage between meat production and other global ills, the more I think you'll understand why McDonalds is the most fitting symbol of all that is wrong with modern business.

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