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Attitudes will never change to the extent that you have suggested

Posted by: scrooge on August 17, 1998 at 10:53:30:

In Reply to: changing attitudes posted by Veggie Dave on August 12, 1998 at 00:24:01:

Attitudes will never change to the extent that you have suggested. In the end whether you be Caucasian, African, Asian or anything else, we are in the end identical. We have common experiences and language enables us to communicate those experiences between one another. What separates us from other animals is sentience and rationality. Two pigs would not be able to have the same conversation as we are having at the moment. Nor is there any evidence I've seen that they would be able to even concieve the notions we discuss.

Certainly the issue of morality is not an animal one. I come back to my original point, dogs have always been pack hunters, it defines their niche, and therefore were dog packs still to roam in Europe or the USA, like timberwolves they would hunt deer or foxes. Dogs do not have some moral code preventing them eating other animals or indeed each other.

We are separate from animals, while we are not separate from other human beings. Therefore comparing an act carried out by one human being on another, such as rape or murder, to that carried out by a human on an animal remains deeply offensive.

If you truly believe the two are equal, I challenge you to tell that to the next rape victim you meet.

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