Morally Reprehensible

Posted by: Elli ( USA ) on July 02, 1996 at 12:45:15:

In Reply to: Your image of well-researched information breaks down posted by Dave on July 01, 1996 at 01:23:11:

: one thing that I have found that breaks the image of well-researched information portrayed in these
: pages. On one of the stickers shown on the merchandise page, there is a slogan about the "murder of animals".
: I am studying law at university, and the definition of murder does NOT cover animals, only human
: beings. Although small, this is a mistake typically made by animal-rights activists and the
: like, and just lowers the whole researched/knowledgable image you strive to portray to one of
: ignorance and dramatic exaggeration.

Third definition of "murder" in the New Lexicon Webster dictionary:
"killing that is morally reprehensible and brutal, or an instance of this"

"Murder" may not apply in legal terms in our society but it does apply.
It may be that in your opinion the killing of animals for meat is not
"morally reprehensible"; but to ethical veg*ns and animal rightists, it is!

There is no doubt that the *murder* of animals for meat is indeed brutal.

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