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I just can't let it rest...

Posted by: Kevin Dempsey ( Student, Canada ) on September 07, 1998 at 11:29:22:

In Reply to: Pursuit of peace posted by Stuart Gort on September 06, 1998 at 11:24:48:

Stuart wrote: I don't advocate the hastening of death. I do suggest that to dedicate oneself to preventing it is misguided. I also suggest that the world is finite and man should consider that and hold that in
perspective so that he turns his thoughts to God.

Stuart also wrote: It is absolutely astounding to me that you wish me to bear the burden of guilt for a third world country and its internal social problems.

Well, here's hoping we never get attacked while we chat over coffee. I find it odd that it's misguided in your mind for someone to struggle to prevent the exploitation and destruction of the entire planet. Misguided to me is someone who actively seeks to justify said destruction. More misguided still is someone who actively seeks to justify said destruction while at the same time DENYING that said destruction occurs.

Internal social problems, eh? Nike, Coke, McDonalds, Pepsi, Con-Agra, Excel... remind me where these multi-nationals originated again. And who supports these companies with their earnings? The poverty and environmental problems in third world nations are completely uninfluenced by these massive corporations, right? Oh, I'm sure you'll find a way to deny it (sans references, no doubt.)

You asked me to define suffering, and I forgot earlier. Well, I've led a pretty comfortable life, but I've learned one thing: suffering is relative. When it's happening to you, it's about the worst thing in the world. I will not try to construct a hierarchy of suffering, it always sucks. Suffering doesn't stop just because people are unaware of it, nor does it go away when people deny that it happens.

Finally, you made a comment about having suspicions about "the green movement", questioning their motives. Well, the best I can come up with is this: environmentalists and animal-rights advocates (and probably most socialists, pro-union people, feminists, communists...) are secretly trying to ruin the lives of meat-eating capitalist north americans, especially the racist, mysogynist ones. You're lucky, you have a little while yet, since I know you don't qualify for those last two.

(My real answer: what possible goal COULD we have, except trying to prevent "bad things from happening"? What would I personally stand to gain (except a boosted ego) if suddenly you were to become a vegetarian? The flip-side is, what do you stand to gain by debating me till I admit my moral and logical inferiority? You must really have something you're worried of losing (..cough..clear conscience..cough..)
No one ever seems to question what the beef-industry stands to gain by funding education programs that perpetuate the 4 food groups myth. Why?)

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