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Ending manmade cruelty to animals...

Posted by: George ( USA (duh) ) on September 18, 1998 at 19:55:44:

In Reply to: That's a complete cop-out posted by Mike on August 25, 1998 at 18:35:46:

A short list of agendas, from which you may choose to arbitrarily prioritize:

1. Feeding starving children.
2. Reducing poverty.
3. Eliminating (or reducing) the number of crooked politicians.
4. Increased national employment.
5. Reducing the number of teenaged pregnancies.
6. Eliminating racism.
7. Educating more children.
8. Stopping rampant abortion-getting.
9. Teaching the illiterate to read.
10. Increase the access of the poor to competent legal services.
11. Feed the hungry.
12. Minister to the sick.
13. Clothe the poor.
14. Help the downtrodden.
15. Comfort the motherless.
16. Save any one of several endangered species.
17. Campaign for continuing nuclear disarmament.
18. Support the upstart Russian economy (I guess).
19. Denigrate naked agression.
20. Control the proliferation of handguns.


1049. End manmade cruelty to animals.

Your prioities seem somewhat fucked up to me. Get a job.

McSpotlight: Not assuming that all of your priorities are things we would consider problems, why do you assume that anyone fighting cruelty to animals isn't acting against other problems. And WHY do you assume that we/they don't have jobs? Or that whether you have a job or not is important?

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