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Posted by: n/c ( Australia Melbourne ) on October 02, 1998 at 11:47:21:

I have recently been told that Mcdonalds 100% Australian meat is actually a name and name only, however my 1st question is that could only be seen as deception which i think is illeagal in aust ?
2nd Q: I have heard that companys in America can deposit funds into charity funds which reduces there tax payable at the end of year , so why has no one set about setting up one of these funds to get some real money behind them , you could then start mainstream T.V. advertisment, Just think prime time childrens shows with messages and pictures like a calf standing there with a McDonalds print on his rump and a little message that says its ok his going to Mcdonalds "he tastes a lot better when they put him through the Calf grinder."
This is pretty stuped, but somthing like that from such an early age will start some sort of real concept of what McChucks is and allways will be. So my Q is has this been attempted?
And if not is anyone intersted!.

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