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A person can live just fine without eating meat

Posted by: Short body of Buddha ( Short body of Buddha , U.S. ) on October 13, 1998 at 19:38:35:

In Reply to: Speak for yourself. posted by Professor Doom on July 08, 1998 at 11:21:04:

The idea that humans are omnivores is silly, the fact of the matter is that meat and dairy products are bad for one's health, destructive envirenmently, wasteful, and just plain cruel. The vegetarian question is one of ethics, its not about the "food chain". A person can live just fine without eating meat, and infact in better health, and there are tons of vegans out there to prove it. I have read that mankind was forced to eat meat because of harsh living conditions in prehistoric times and that carnivorism was one of the causes of the neandertal's dimise. Furthermore, I have also read that Jesus H. Christ himself was a vegetarian (not to mention many saints and apostles)and that the verses in luke about him the people fish where actually mistranslated. Not to mention Genesis 1:28-30 where the greek word for meat also means to eat, look it up, read it, it makes sense......god gave man every green herb for eating. And nowhere the bible does it say that Jesus ate any sort of flesh. AS FOR HITLER, i also read that HE ATE PIGEONS and that was one his favorite meals along with ofcoarse a fine german sausage.

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