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Keep your sassy comments to youself!

Posted by: BASE727{mad cow patrol} ( L.S-A.P., Canada ) on October 19, 1998 at 13:14:38:

In Reply to: Im feeling sassy today posted by Dan on October 16, 1998 at 10:56:15:

: : BASE727 No I dont think they are one sised, they post stuff from both side of all issues.

DAN: Of course they post stuff from both sides,

BASE727: Well you have to remian neutral if you are the moderator, and remove only irrelivent or abusive posts.

DAN. but as one moderator clearly stated they offer special rights to those they agree with.

BASE727 I get no special treatment around here, and what makes you think some people do?

DAN. I believe most people that stick around here quickly accept that the playing field is tilted.

BASE727; the playing field is not tilted, it is equal for everybody.

DAN: Im not saying they need to change; in fact, its an added bonus.

BASE727 : there is no reason for changes, this website is fine the way it is, that is the biggest bonus of all.

DAN: On most sites I can only laugh at the person Im responding to, here I get to laugh at you and any moderators comments.

BASE727 :Well I said my peace for the day and try not to laugh too hard, your going to give this place a bad name.

Later James..

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