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I went to the *Union McDonalds*

Posted by: Shallow Days ( Canada ) on October 20, 1998 at 10:33:45:

Yes I did, the drive through... rainy evening about 7pm, Squamish British Columbia, Canada. I bought a Big Mac, a Fillet of Fish, and a Strawberry Shake. When I got home, i found i also got fries, which i didn't order, but i thought the price was quite high, something like $10. Anyway, the girl in the little booth was very happy, serene, she gave my dog a couple of Dog Biscuits... "Milk Bone" variety. I thought it was nice to see a youngster making a decent wage, quite happy, and pretty darn good at customer service too. By the way, the guy who owns the McDonalds lives in a really really nice house up the hill from me, and I don't think he is hurting at all from "going union". Now, I haven't been back because im really not the fast food consumer you may think i am.... but, what a great thing that little McDonalds in Squamish is. Good for them. Now, What about those kids working up the highway on the ski lifts at that world destination ski resort Whistler/Blackhome ? Poor kids, make nothing, live in squallor, worse than McDonalds in my opinion. Ok, enough.

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