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It still missed its target ANYWAY.

Posted by: Daddio on November 22, 1998 at 22:02:28:

In Reply to: This wasn't meant to directly condemn you Kevin posted by Stuart Gort on November 22, 1998 at 12:34:09:

DADDIO: What earth are you talking about? Do you have ME (daddio) confused with someone else? When did I offer up a link as a resolution to an argument? I just looked at the thread you are referring to (Bible Shmible) and I see you insisting that I provide examples (as you are fond of doing and are certainly entitled to ask for) to back up my argument. I provided you with examples and you dismissed them out of hand because I provided TOO MANY?! Intellectual honesty, huh? As far I'm concerned, you disqualified yourself from the debate at that moment and are doing so again.

Perhaps you INTERPRETED this link as an attempt to resolve a premise because it just so happens that it DOES. The premise is that the Bible contradicts itself. For this premise to be correct, only ONE of the thousand or so alleged contradictions that I provided has to be a genuine, unresolvable contradiction. I'd say that gives my premise about 99.9 percent chance of being resolved as a correct one. Are you prepared to walk through ALL of them with me via email and explain how every last candidate must be disqualified?

(Notes regarding my email: I apologize for previous confusion over my email account. I had never used email except on a LAN. The Yahoo account I set up didn't work for some reason. Now I've got a new one
waynebollman@yahoo.com but it looks like some people can reach me at it and some can't. The server I'm on is always being screwed with by our administrator and he may have tripped me up some how. Anyway, try sending me something at this new address so we can establish that it will work for you - there's no point in me sending YOU anything if I can't recieve your replies.)

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