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mis-informed dogma

Posted by: PhanTasmO ( Australia ) on November 25, 1998 at 00:33:58:

In Reply to: McDonald's is legal, drugs aren't posted by F Marks on June 16, 1996 at 19:27:17:

The message you have just read is a classic example of the small minded , bigoted and complacent remarks of someone who has little intelligence or little experiance with drugs. Dealers should be shot? Let me guess, a born again? I've have dealed in the past, do i deserve to die? Of cause not! However, this 'person's' attitude reviels just how much the media and government properganda can control a person's thoughts. I am a socialist, i believe people should be free to choose for themselves. Not all drugs are 'bad for you' if used correctly. I've used Pot, LSD, Speed, Tabacco, and estasy. I assure you i'm no 'junkie', and i still have all my teeth!! Think twice before you listen to the ignorant or mis-informed dogma of your masters and those who would follow blindly.

Kill GOD,
Phantasmo aka Freeman aka HangedMan aka Prophet aka ArawN

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