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Posted by: Hugh Morris ( and I thought Groucho Marx invented the 'disappearing cigar' trick!, USA ) on November 25, 1998 at 12:35:46:

Is this problem peculiar to me and my machine, or is there something to this?...

When someone posts a message in any of the debating rooms and uses a rather small subject--"drugs", "info", any using seven characters or less, the mouse pointer doesn't recognize that as a link. Instead of turning into a hand with extended index finger, the pointer remains an arrow, making it impossible for me to read that post.

Your Call Is Important To Us; Please Continue To Hold,

Hugh Morris

McSpotlight: It's not something I've noticed; I've accessed this room with (variously) an IBM RS/6000 (running AIX 3.2.5, X Windows and Netscape) a Power Macintosh (MacOS 7.5 and Netscape) and this machine (a Pentium 133 and '95 and Netscape 4.05 or GNU/Linux (Debian 2.0, Redhat 5.2 and Slackware 3.50 and Netscape 4.05 - dual boot *g*) and have never seen the problems you're describing; sounds like it could be a hitch at your end. We'll keep our eyes open.

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