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plant response

Posted by: Stephanie ( USA ) on December 13, 1998 at 18:42:57:

A friend of mine who is vegetarian told me about a dietary genre which subscribes to the idea that plants do, in fact, have feelings; therefore humans should consume neither plants nor animals (resulting in a diet of only fruit, nuts, berries; articles which fall off of plants). As peculiar as this may seem, research has been done to resolve this hypothesis. The following study is a third generation story. If you tell it again, it will become fourth generation nonsense and who knows what damage it may cause. As you proceed, keep in mind that they're are no citations and that I have taken a few liberties in reference to specifics. If you or anyone you know can verify or expand upon this information, I would greatly appreciate it.


A plant was placed in a room with one human (subject 1); let us assume that said plant is a ficus tree. The plant's energy emmissions were monitored throughout the experiment. Another human (subject 2) entered the room with a knife and cut subject 1. A horrifying and violently brutal scene, I am certian. Subjects 1 and 2 were removed. Another human (subject 3) came into the room alone. After a short time, subject 2 entered once again, brandishing the knife, and as 2 approached 3, our silent friend, the ficus, emitted high frequency energy waves. If only number 3 could have detected the warning, an unfortunate act of scientifically-based, social psychology-influenced violence could have been averted.

Now, should any assumptions be made? Did our friend the ficus detect a change in energy as the first event occurred? Did a plant actually learn and respond according to the memory of detected energy patterns?
I pass this one on to you my friends...

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