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some questions

Posted by: McDWorker ( Canada ) on January 01, 1999 at 19:41:37:

In Reply to: Ex McDonald's Employee and Proud of It posted by Tracy on December 10, 1998 at 19:16:43:

: 1. I was pushed over the grease vat and was almost burned up to the elbows in hot grease.

Could you please explain this ....how you were almost burned up to your elbows in greese from the vat......

: McDonald's does not care for it's employees. If they did we would be getting higher wages and we would not be verbally abused by managers.

This is where you are wrong, you must remember that not all stores are the same, i can't stress this enough!! Its like saying all guys are "dogs", or all girls are "sluts", all British people are snobbish, etc..see where I'm going with this?? You can't judge all by the actions of a few....there will always be the bad and the good....I'm treated very well and respected by my manager, and yes we are friends, but that has nothing to do with work...I still pull my weight and do the job I'm paid for....I've seen Bad managers, but that doesn't make me classify all managers and McDonald's restaurants bad...Its called life!!! No matter where you work or live, you'll aways be surrounded by jerks!!
But i'd still be interested in hearing about some of your stories..

: In my place of employment, if you were not friends with a manager and if you didn't go to their houses then you were made fun of by the managers whenever they were working with other crew members.

Thats a twist, at my store if you are friends with the manager, your called an "ass kisser" ...Whats wrong with being friends with your boss?? Isn't normal human nature to interact personaly with those you work with?????

: Face it McDonald's thinks that since 90% of all workers are teens that they can be pushed around. They think that teens are stupid. When in fact we are for working so hard for minimum wages.

: Look a janitor gets paid at least 10 dollars an hour for the work that they do. But I was doing janitorial work and I was not paid that amount.

You knew your pay and performance raises when you first started, why did you stay??? you knew you wern't goning to make $10.00/hr.....if you didn;t like it, why did you accept the job???

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