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Sorry to interrupt this arguement but

Posted by: Someone who read Animal Liberation ( USA ) on January 19, 1999 at 10:47:02:

In Reply to: This wasn't meant to directly condemn you Kevin posted by Stuart Gort on November 22, 1998 at 12:34:09:

Sorry to interrupt this arguement but I have a question for Stuart. Did you even bother to read Animal Liberation? I bet that you didn't because if you did you would realize the arguements you are giving for human superiority have already been covered by Singer in his book. Besides that, an important concept Singer illustrates is that it is the individual that matters not the group as a whole. There are certainly members of the human race that your superiority arguements don't apply to. Your first reason sounds like little more than might makes right. Do you believe that? I thought we have gotten past that. Now the other two. The 2nd one sounds like the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. Human babies can't tell the difference between right and wrong either, are you going to deny them rights or say they're inferrior beings? What about the severely mentally retarded? That goes for the 3rd arguement, the ability to improve or better ourselves, I assume you mean by technology and the like. There are people who sit around and do nothing for society or work to improve it and babies again don't apply to this. So should we eat them and exploit them because by your arguement they are inferior beings. The INDIVIDUAL is what is important. It is all there in Singer's book but you would know that if you read it instead of criticizing something you know nothing about, and so this debate wouldn't be going on. Why don't you try reading the book before judging it and the entire animal rights movement and then come back to criticize.

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