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McD wants to pile their grave up with loads of money I don't care about that.

Posted by: Ah Long ( UAB, Malaysia ) on March 10, 1999 at 12:30:54:

In Reply to: Thus, Enlightened Self Interest posted by DrCruel on March 05, 1999 at 18:09:09:

: Yes, sir, I have a conscience. Because of it, I do not respond favorably to smear campaigns, and do not discriminate against McDonald's or Burger King on the basis of their success and wealth.

You may have mistaken and I might be wrong. But all these are not spark off by some jealousy of McD or BK's wealth and success.

It is the courage of two middle class individuals that catches these many souls to this debating room. Think of it this way, what do the duo have to gain through all these? They spent years to fight in what they believe in against a MNC with all odds are against them. Will jealousy make someone to these extent? I don't think so.
McD wants to pile their grave up with loads of money I don't care about that. The fact is that they are making these money through:
(1) Misleading the public
(2) Feeding our children with junk food.
(3) Causing the deforestation in Amazon and god knows where.

One might say it's the choice of the parent if (s)he allows the children to eat McD. But tro McD's Ads Campaign many people are misled into thinking that macs "are not so unhealthy" afterall.
Worst of all, they are feeding the cattles with cattles! Cattles that died prematurely are ground up and mixed in the cattle's diets.
Fish eat fish too and we are still eating it, why not the cattles?
First of all, cattles are not meat eaters. This will upset the its natural biological system.
Secondly the mad cow disease in UK is proven to be infected tro feeding cattles meat. I don't know if it's banned in UK but it is not in US.
They said they checked the dead cows. come on, they only get a portion for sample and say the rest is safe to ground up.
Macs healthy food? I don't think so.
Will I let my children eat these freaking burgers? hell NO!

The clearing up of amazon forests is not just an environmental issue. Cattle ranch in the amazon forest pollutes the river which is the sole life source of the indigeneous people. These natives are push further back into the depth of the forest. And in the process some people are killed. The Brazillian government doesn't care about the death of these people. Hey, I care. No way am I going to eat this burger stained with innocent blood.

Me an alarmist? [shrug] find it out yourself. :)

:If you wish to move me, to draw my active support, you would do better than to berate my moral scruples for not blindly following your ideology of preference.

True indeed. I am not expecting everyone to believe every word that I said. Nor do I believe McSpotlight team will think that anyone would jump to conclusion and boycott McD. What they, or me, are trying to do is to at least make you find the interest to find out more about this. Take me for example, when I first heard about all these I held my skepticsm. As I pay more attention to all McD's doings I came to learn the facts.

: Feel free to make the food choices of your preference, as guided by your own particular understanding of the world. Do not be too surprised when I do the same.

I will not be surprised. Hey, even a cattle rancher can turn vegetarian. ;)


McSpotlight: I don't think Helen and Dave would describe themselves as "middle class"; it would be closer to call them "working class and proud of it"...;)

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