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It's not as simple as just deciding what you prefer to eat.

Posted by: Karen ( USA ) on March 11, 1999 at 12:29:12:

In Reply to: Thus, Enlightened Self Interest posted by DrCruel on March 05, 1999 at 18:09:09:

: Yes, sir, I have a conscience. Because of it, I do not respond favorably to smear campaigns, and do not discriminate against McDonald's or Burger King on the basis of their success and wealth. If you wish to move me, to draw my active support, you would do better than to berate my moral scruples for not blindly following your ideology of preference.

How do you respond to BS?(advertising) Perhaps people are more concerned with how this said wealth is obtained, than the actual wealth itself. Don't worry, I myself wouldn't waste valuable time trying to change your mind. I hope those wonders of modern medicine gained from the RAINFORESTS that you support the destruction of(refering to your post in the anything else room)will ease your pain from the probable cancer, heart disease, etc. those delicious McD's meals will help ensure.

: Feel free to make the food choices of your preference, as guided by your own particular understanding of the world. Do not be too surprised when I do the same.

It's not as simple as just deciding what you prefer to eat. If it were, hey who cares, happy funeral to you, eat all you want. But you see, Einstein, the meat used in fast food is aquired from cattle that graze on destroyed rain forest lands-often cleared by slash & burn methods which cause major forest fires-which cause more loss of rainforest, then packaged in paper aquired from more forest, and there is also the fossil fuel burning required to get this goop to a store near you, contributing to global warming, not to mention habitat destruction for indigenous people and plant and animal populations. This in turn causes things like floods that can do things like release silt, which then blocks things like the panama canal.And also causes these amazing people to lose their dignity, heritage, way of life and to boot-even starve to death. I could go on all day, and longer telling you what happens in the chain of events that ensure you can eat at places such as Mc'D's. It's a circle of events that eventually comes back to kick you in the a** too, even though you are to short sighted to see the cycle. No all you see is "me hungry, me want McD's" So don't be surprised when those without rose colored glasses on, get on your case.

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