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GOOD ON YAS! Why eat the shit anyway?

Posted by: Nicole ( Australia ) on May 27, 1999 at 10:13:39:

In Reply to: Veggie-Nazis and their silly McSpotlight site posted by Mary Christensen on June 04, 1996 at 15:42:09:

All you Veggi-Nazi types have done with your TERRIFIC McSpotlight
page is make work for a lot of lawyers and drive up the cost of a
burger ... GOOD ON YAS! Why eat the shit anyway??? (Lawyers BTW are KNOWN carnivores ... and?? Who cares, this is more about McDonalds and how McEvil they are!! Not about who eats meat and who doesn't!) I say good on those who have made this page. All those people who are against it are just like McDonalds, and don't like people having thier own opinions, and futher still, don't like it when they voice them. Well, HELLO!!!!! Not everyone likes McDonalds and thier products, so deal with it!!

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