Capitalism and Selfishness

Posted by: Ron ( Free mind, Australia ) on August 20, 1996 at 00:55:33:

Dear capitlaists, communists, facist, or whatever political ideology you represent.
If you like to validate the creedence of your stance or are welcome to new points of view check out the following
Frequently asked questions below.

Most of you degrade the following positions without understanding the arguement or what they stand for.
These dispell the myths. If you have an open mind they should not be a problem







I recommend looking for articles on the role of
Anarchists in the Spanish civil war. Some sources say 800 000 workers and their families making up a combined number of
approx 1.25 mill
lived for several years predominantly anarchistically.
Modern society neccesitates anarchism, it is not caaos, terrorism, but a non hierachical organised society, based ion mutual aid
and equal access to wealth.

Capitalism makes people act selfishly.

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