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McSpotlight Kit is dead - long live the McSpotlight CDROM

Posted by: Charles ( McInfo Network ) on June 12, 1999 at 19:05:49:

In Reply to: McSpotlight Kit posted by Carolyn on June 12, 1999 at 18:56:03:

: Hiya. Has anyone had any luck downloading the McSpotlight kit?

Oh my... that is a bit of history.
The McSpotlight kit was both a nightmare and a coup.
We needed a way to show McDonald's etc that online critisism
could not be censored so we came up with the idea of mirror
sites around the world and the downloadable version of McSpotlight.
However McSpotlight soon grow very very large and the idea of
a downloadable version was forgotten seeing as download speeds
had not grown to the same degree McSpotlight had. We stopped updating the kit and I doubt it works at all now. Instead we started work on the McSpotlight CDROM and now if you would like you own version of McSpotlight on you local harddrive (plus the rarely aired 'McLibel - Two Worlds Collide video documentary) all you need is the CD. We can send it to you and you are welcome to copy it for all your friends, enemies etc.

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