Who are you calling a vegetarian?

Posted by: Andrew Fildes ( Australia ) on August 28, 1996 at 10:42:33:

In Reply to: Veggie-Nazis and their silly McSpotlight site posted by Mary Christensen on June 04, 1996 at 15:42:09:

Who are you calling a vegetarian?
Some of us who oppose Macca's do so on political,
ethical, cultural, aesthetic and ecological
grounds but remain committed carnivores.

What I really object to is the 'dumbing-down' of
food into something that does not vary, does not
challenge or engage the user. What can you say
about an organisation that persuades people to
eat a deep fried 'pie' - not because it's a good
idea but because that's what they have the equipment
to produce. Bugger the consumer - they'll eat
anything (apparently) if you sell it hard enough.
It has come to the point where standing in front
of a class of senior students and criticising
McDonalds causes resentment as they see it as a
direct criticism of their culture. Which brings
to another point.

A term like veggie-nazi is extraordinarily offensive
to the huge number of people who really know what
Nazi means. I suggest that you do a little
reading in history and politics. As well as
generating a little shame for yourself, you may
come to realise that McD's successfully use a
number of basic Nazi/fascist techniques to develop
a fast-food acceptance in their young audience.

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