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make your own meals, use good ingredients.

Posted by: Ugly bug ball ( England ) on June 15, 1999 at 10:32:45:

In Reply to: Why Monsanto? posted by lilly on June 08, 1999 at 21:35:51:

: I just finished reading the monsanto article in mcspotlight, and i was
: suprised to see a lot of socially responsible statements about the biological horrors monsanto is responsible for. When I realized that
: this was posted by McDonalds (in my opinion a equally evil corporation)
: it made me wonder what the McNazis had to gain from slurring monsantos good name (harhar!) does anyone have an explanation? could it be that
: McDonalds really cares? yeah right!

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: McSpolight replies:

: Where did you get the idea that McDonald's posted the article?

Snotmoan's marketing is very effective and evil, just like Mc Donald's - who say that genetically modified ingredients are not used in their products. How can we be sure ? - the best way is not to eat them ! make your own meals, use good ingredients. I read an article in a British newspaper on Saturday (The Mail) about American beef production - I did'nt think it was possible, but American cattle are treated even worse than ours - organs spilling out and having to be pushed back in ???!!! Why won't the USA allow it's beef sold in Europe to be marked as being from USA - think about it...

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