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Wake up and smell the Plutonium

Posted by: Anti-Royalty federation ( UK ) on August 10, 1999 at 10:53:42:

In Reply to: Why Monsanto? posted by lilly on June 08, 1999 at 21:35:51:

McDonalds was a one store restaurant serving burgers and fries and shakes 45 years ago and somehow people have twisted this company into something it is not. Basic needs like food clothing and shelter are basic and people have to eat.
* McDonalds just serves food to people. There are many other companies involved in manipulating the public like Time warner, VIACOMM
CNN and the Products they try and sell to people.

Not to mention the MOnsanto corp and is genetically engineered stuff. or the the other companies that make pesticides or plutonium.

I would like to ea food than to eat plutonium. McDonalds is just
serving basic food everyday. and people love it.

maybe everyone should put more emphasis on the global conspiracy of weapons and chemicals rather than a potato! or a milk shake !

Wake up and smell the Plutonium why dont you!!!

McSpotlight: In focussing on substances like plutonium and GMO's you are missing the fact that our diet is unhealthy; that multinational food corporations are destroying the planet to a greater degree than plutonium contamination is. McDonald's are also a legitimate target for criticism as they have tried many times to silence criticism (rather than rebutting it); and they target their propaganda at those too young to make an informed choice on their diet, viz the under-eights.

McDonald's is more of a polluter than the nuclear energy industry, oddly enough...

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