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Archived messages . . . has McDonalds finally infiltrated?

Posted by: Bob ( USA ) on August 17, 1999 at 01:05:24:

Not to be paranoid, but I think Mc Donalds has infiltrated your site and taken out all the old message I wrote. I say this not as a professional, but as a person who knows everything about how things are not archived. You see, they're not there anymore. These messages, which were once there, now are not. Gone. Poof. I once found a 10 foot long Burmese Python in a box of tomatoes. But you would not know this, because the message I posted here about it is gone. However, one good thing about this is that nobody knows about the whole Harvey Korman restraining order thing ... well, now they do again so I guess I should have kept my cake hole closed.

I want to bring back the old days when Big Macs were 59 cents apiece and when my messages were still a part of this wonderful debating forum. I am not bitter -- except when dipped in a bitter substance -- just wondering what ever happened to my messages. Oh, and whatever happened to the Hamburgler. Last I knew he was up for parole this spring, but attorneys were expected to level the pickle defense which would have possibly kept him in the slammer indefinitely.

And what's with those fry guys? They scare me. And I don't scare easily.

Anyway, I recently found a feather in my Mc Chicken sandwich. But it wasn't a chicken feather. Is anybody missing any feathers? Please write to me. I don't want this thing.

So that is all I have to say, nothing more. Once I tripped coming out of a Mc Donalds in Palm Springs, California. I got a gash in my head the size of a herring bone. Luckily, I survived, though I am prone to forgetting what I am . . .

McSpotlight adds:
We actually have (a) a policy of not deleting stuff once it has been accepted and (b) a bit of a problem in this regard - ie when we did decide to have a DR where nothing could be deleted we actually built this into the design of the Rooms ... so it is very very difficult. I'm not saying however that your original message has NOT disappeared - the Rooms also suffer from this design option in that some have got sooooooo oversized that they soemtimes fall over and things go bump in the night with the effect of moving about a little without explanation. Suffice to say that the much awaited, heralded and long overdue overhaul to the DR will address this situation.

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