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'McSlaverys' Is A Sham!

Posted by: Will ( Me , UK ) on August 19, 1999 at 17:35:02:

Dear Mcspotlight,

In the heady days of my youth, I admit to being a misguided member of the Ronald Mcdonald band-wagon. There I was, dumbly handing out packets of limp, over-salted fries and tastless nuggets and burgers as thin as tissue paper. Was I happy? Is a farm-yard beast happy? I needed the cash so I thought "fuck it, I'll try and get some!"

I was worked to the point of exhaustion and I did not even attempt to rise to the dizzy heights of management; in the end I just plodded on, like a fool with my collegues, cleaning up other peoples' mess and gratefully spending my money in the bar.

Needless to say after two years I'd had enough. The final straw was when I found one of the managers collapsed in the locker-room after a twelve hour shift. Also, the store manager was sacked for no apparent reason. All this suffering whilst the big boys in McSlavery Central racked in the big bucks!

Mcdonalds is a complete sham; they sell reprocessed so called food and treat their staff like muck. So why do people go there? Because people are essentially sheep; and most cannot think for themselves. So, they damn well get thinking!!

If anyone agrees with me please get in touch!

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