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Posted by: Peter ( Australia ) on October 01, 1999 at 11:12:00:

In Reply to: vegiterian? posted by Peter on September 30, 1999 at 11:06:08:

: I have to ask about being vegiterian though, how does it help? As anyone can see just about all animals eat meat or fish, isn't it natural to eat meat?

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: McSpotlight: At what scale? Our society is consuming levels of meat unknown to our ancestors (who would eat meat once or twice a week at most); the ecological strain this places on the Earth is in danger of sterilizing vast sections of our planet. To satisfy this artificially high demand for meat, we subject the animals concerned to conditions of extreme cruelty; the intensive farming methods are known to be inhumane. Is this right; and which path is the better one?

Our ansesters ate meat once or twice a week, yes, but when they ate meat they ate large ammounts, at LEAST an animal at a time (ammung a famaly). We, however, eat less meat at a time, but more often. What is in you'r diet by the way? At any rate there were some vegiterians back then too, showing it is natural to have some vegeterians here and there. What were their motives hey? If more people don't eat meat, farmers would just have to breed less animals, it isn't going to change the whole earth.

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