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O.J.E. Failure !!! - - - - 1,500,000 investment, Total committment, Honesty, Intelligence, Attitude, Personality, Etc.

Posted by: John Smith ( Republic of Ireland ) on October 14, 1999 at 16:02:44:

You know I have great respect for hard working People.

I enter this Organisation as a Franchisee Applicant full of enthusiam and committment prepared to invest over one and a half million Irish pounds.
I enter "on Job avaluation 5 day Interview", and I am accosted by Consultants wearing 500 Pound suits, interviewing me in the Lobbby,every morning and afternoon, in my Crew uniform and Hair net, with questions as to how I would do things differently?

When I eventually realise that these Guys will judge a Franchisee applicant by their ability to question the "Systems", I propose a few new one's. 6 weeks later I get an Applicant refusal with a disguised reason that "I did not appear to be relaxed in the Kitchen environment"

I have no doubt that I can operate a Restaurant successfully, as I have operated much tougher Businesses, over the past 20 Years.

Does this Organisation have an egotistical problem with exterior Business Culture?

I wish to communicate directly with the Global Franchise authority of this Organisation and I wonder who this is?

Interested parties please forward this information?? to mls@asatclear.is

So I reply

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