where has your steam gone?!

Posted by: Gary Kemp ( n/a, n/a ) on September 08, 1996 at 23:56:00:


i regularly visit the changes on McSpotlight ....
but what has happened to the regular updates - all right there is
the This Weeks etc but new material seems sadly lacking - can there
be problems in the McS camp??......

unless you keep digging and campaigning in ALL quarters
vs McD then you'll become a running commentary and little else....


the twin


McSpotlight replies:

There have been a few changed recently that have effected the
frequency of new material going up on the site. Many of our
regular contibutors have been taking holidays and enjoying
the summer and of course the trial itself is also taking a
break. But fear not, there is much new stuff in the pipe line.
Look forward to a revamped Beyond section and the addition of
a regular McSpotlight editorial.

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