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We meat eaters are perfectly happy with what we eat

Posted by: James ( none, USA ) on January 29, 19100 at 12:44:03:

In Reply to: If I could interrupt...... posted by Miika on October 08, 1997 at 10:29:05:

Okay, first off, let me say that McDonalds sucks. I'd much rather eat REAL meat, not 80% fat, 10% cardboard, and 10% real imitation meat. I'd rather get a nice hearty lean roast beef sandwich at Arby's, or at least 25% meat at Burger King.

First major complaint about vegetarians: "Meat is murder". So are vegetables (sorry if it's a context error, it's late and I'm not sure what it should be). If you kill a tree, does it not scream? Do trees not take at least a day to fully die? You can't prove vegetables don't feel pain, so don't give me any bull about vegetables being perfectly fine. Next, "you can combine rice and beans to make a full protien". I just just imagine these two 47% finished protien chains fusing together and magically replacing the extra parts left over in the process, yeah, sure, when pigs fly. Speaking of pigs, as well as ducks, geese, chickens, and even the occasional turkey, I know a lot of "vegetarians" DO eat turkey. Now, I agree, for the nutritionalists, it's fine, but I still don't see how that's being vegetarian. I'm not going to go into how torturous the deaths of those poor, innocent cows are, as I hear of a LOT of human suffering throughout the world that outweighs the deaths of cows, who would never have been born if the farmers weren't after a little bit of cash to live on. Now, veggie burger, YUCK! I still don't see how you people can stand those things, I tried one, and I almost had to go to the bathroom, they either have no taste, or have a disgusting taste. I've had veggie burgers, veggie bacon (worse than burgers) and other miscallaneous vegetarian substitutes, all have made me wanna throw up. I am not a pure carnivore, I eat vegetables, dairy, and other stuff on the food chain too, but mostly, I'm a sugar cane killer, I eat a lot of sugar, which is, needless to say, more dangerous than meat is, especially to me. My family has a history of diabetes, but you know what? I am goign to live on this eart for maybe 100 years at best anyways, unless some miracle drug comes around to give me a perfect body, cure my clinical depression, and make me feel great all the time, it ain't going to happen. Feel free to eat your carrots and tofu, but for God's sake (figure of speech people, I don't care what you are or not.) STOP PREACHING IT TO OTHER PEOPLE! We meat eaters are perfectly happy with what we eat, and though some of us are idiots who don't know anything about anything, there are some of us who would rather just have you people be yourselves, stop preaching to us how your diet is better (when I personally can't beleive that a species born as an omnivore could be truly carnivorous or herbavorous(hope that's spelled right)) and just leave us to our happy, albeit short lives (according to "research" (like the research used to prove that pot kills people, please)).

Thank you.

Dragon Xero
Student, Webmaster, 17 year old prick who sees too much wrong with the world.

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