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Posted by: kerry ( mc employee, england ) on February 15, 19100 at 13:30:17:

In Reply to: McDonalds doesnt kill the animals posted by HillBilly on October 19, 1999 at 14:23:20:

: McDonalds doesnt kill the animals, the organisations that are contracted by McDonalds do. These organisations also provide food to other fast food and retail chains.
: Anyway, how would you like the animals to die... old age?

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: McSpotlight: McDonald's produces the market that uses the animals; which is why they were ruled to be culpable of cruelty to animals in court.

MCDONALDS: doesnt only kill a lot of animals it also destroys the world that we are living in the amount of garbage that this company produces is fonominal they keep the stores open in poor conditions and dont really care much for hygene, the store i worked in had water from the ladies toilet streeming into the kitchen but they still carried on serving food how sick is that?

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