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Here's the difference you're overlooking.

Posted by: MDG on February 19, 19100 at 19:47:30:

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: People are getting grossed out by the stories about fast-food. I say "Fuck It" I ate it before and I'm eating it now!!!!!! It's no different than the nasty, deadly habits of smokers and drug users. Of course it's all bad, but your not playa-hatin on the cancer-stick and drug industry so why the fast-food business?

If somebody wants to fuck up their own lives, that's their business. But McDeath's and the rest of the fast food industry is guilty of supporting an industry which abuses animals and destroys the environment, i.e., the meat industry.

And maybe McDonalds should show some concern for children and not do everything they can to sucker them into eating fast food, like using a stupid clown and dancing hamburger puppets.

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: McSpotlight: Because the 'cancer-stick and drug' industry don't try to sue people for saying that their products can be harmful.

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