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work ethic

Posted by: happy ( australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 11:51:05:

it absolutely astounds that we have people in our communities who by their free will decide to make a mock of others choices in life, to work in mcdonald's or not. i say congratulations to anyone who is employed and able to make there own decisions about the life. it is amazing that anyone apposed to the mcdonalds corporation, elects to personally attack workers in the mcdonalds restaurant. I admire only those who do not wish to put down people for their choice of employment. I admire those who gather facts on an organisation and keep there minds busy with the facts. 90% of the comments on the site are written by people who just in their negative comments alone are destroying some thing bigger than a multi national company, they are slowy picking away at a) good manners and b)being decent within a community

from a real person who elects to be positive

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