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Calm down...

Posted by: Fiona McKinley ( Australia ) on February 24, 19100 at 11:15:48:

In Reply to: We know. posted by Bonobo on February 23, 19100 at 16:14:57:

: : : You say McDonald's doesn't kill the animals, yeah just like you don't kill the poor cows for your bbq but I bet you still eat those steaks.

: : Love meat, anytype of meat and i dont care how it is killed either. They could shove a metal pole up a cows arse and electricuted from the inside out or slice its throat and let it bleed to death, i couldnt really care either way.

: : I also watched that McLibel Documentry last night when i got home from work (taped it, and watched it at 1am). I just loved the way those chickens got there heads cut off, so quick and effecent, had a little laugh over it as i ate some meat for dinner.

: : PS: I mean everything i said.

: : HillBilly
: : "Slightly insane"

: We don't doubt for a second you meant everything you said. The world is full of sadists and losers like you.

Calm down...he's just trying to get a reaction.

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