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Posted by: ZARATHUSTRA'S WRATH on March 02, 19100 at 11:32:59:

I recently, just tonight, in fact, posted a message here. Now it is gone. I guess you hippies are not as tolerant of opposing views as you claim to be. Guess that means you don't deserve a platform of any kind.

McSpotlight: Obviously, you are incapable of reading, or thought it beneath your Overman status; we say quite clearly on the index page...

"The Debating Room is a collection of moderated discussion groups. Messages do not appear immediately as they are reviewed before being added. They will normally be up by the next day."

It was not 'gone'; it had just not been moderated yet. Probably because the moderators were asleep at the time (it being 10:32 GMT as I write this)...

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