end corporate dominance

Posted by: Jim S ( Canada ) on October 13, 1996 at 22:18:53:

oct. 29 is "end corporate dominance day".

i'm planning to do a small part by writing a letter to our
local paper in an attempt to clue local denialists in about the
bad side of macdonalds (is there a good side?)

one important point which i haven't seen anyone on this site
mention yet is this:

what happens to our money? our local town has a population of
around 5000. the local mcdicks take in $5000-
$8000 per day. i'm guessing that the payroll is around $1000
per day. I assume that the mortgage cost is a big one (they
of course comandeered the most prime piece of available real
estate in town). lets take a guess of $1000 per day for the
mortgage (that would amount to a payment of $30,000 per month
which would likely pay off the land in 5 yrs imho)

so where does the rest of the money go? "out of town"
(and the country) is my guess). local restaurants are feeling
this pinch now, and the effect of this financial drain on our
economy will not be fully realized for some time - but lets
not kid ourselves: how can you take $3000 to $6000 per day
out of a small town and expect it to "survive" (for lack of a
better word)?

there may be better issues to bring to the attention of the
consumer, but this is one which is easier to grasp.

you may all want to consider writin a similar letter to
your local papers - its a step in the right direction to
get everyone clued in.

lastly - if anyone knows where i can dig up some hard data
on this issue, i would appreciate suggestions.


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