Re: What's the alternative to McDonald's?

Posted by: Maccas chick ( Australia ) on November 01, 1996 at 03:26:12:

In Reply to: What's the alternative to McDonald's? posted by Mairi on October 21, 1996 at 20:17:31:

> Dear McSpotlight,

> I agree with your website and support why it was set up. However,
> much as it pains me to say this, I can't blame the hordes of teenagers
> who I see crowding into McD's on a Saturday. In the UK there's not a
> lot of choice if you want something that (even in the vaguest terms)
> resembles a meal.

> McDonald's is relatively quick to serve you your meal, there's
> no dress code, there are no bouncers, you can take your meal
> outside and eat it in the sun. The fries are pre-salted, the
> whole lot is full of tasty additives and flavourings. You know
> exactly what you're getting, it's not a lottery like going into
> an unknown eatery. Definitely more instant appeal than a Boots
> or M&S sandwich.

> What more could you ask for? (As long as you don't care about the
> ethics of multinationalism, the quality of what you eat, and
> being exploited by corporate greed. Most people don't.)

> Sad but true,

> M.

I could not dissagree more with you... Good on ya McSpotlight.
I myself can see that McDonalds is practically becoming the
diet of almost everyone in the world

It also does not surprise me that Maccas will lead to
Heart disease in the whole population of the world.

Maccas is everywhere. Whenever I go on a driving trip in
Australia, I am sure to pass at least 50 Mcdonald stores on the
way and 50 on the way back.

It is so tempting to just go by in drive thru and pick up a
quick meal without thinking of the long term damage to your
body it could lead to.

The less McDonalds there are...the better!

To not eat is a better alternative to eating McDonalds I say!

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