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Posted by: Siamak ( UK ) on November 06, 1996 at 14:06:53:

In Reply to: Re: sue McDonald's posted by leila on November 01, 1996 at 03:41:56:

> > > I read McD is suing anyone who uses the Mc in a name.
> > > Do you think this is only limited to the letters Mc or
> > > anything else which sounds like Mc eg. MAK. Whatever
> > > the answer, does anyone think I should change my name
> > > just to be on the safe side?

> > > Any suggestions?

> > > Regards

> > > SIA...

> > That is rediculous! In that case I should sue
> > them for using the first three letters of my
> > last name in their business name.

> Let's not be idiots, you know very well that they
> mean other bussinesses can't use MC in the
> beginning of their names. There are lots of
> places that do that. It perfectly understandable.

That's exactly the point my dear Leila. Why should McD
have monopoly over the use of the prefix MC. What is more
idiotic than thinking you you have invented a name that has
existed for centuries and therefore have exclusive rights over
its usage. You must be amongst the very few who understand this.

The whole thing reminds me of the story about Microsoft trying
to copyright the name Windows. It was not allowed because the
name existed before microsoft used it!

BTW, don't get too serious about the subject. I was half-jocking.

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