An eye opener

Posted by: Mr Willett ( BT, England ) on November 25, 1996 at 00:56:55:

My daughters always tell me I shouldn't be eating meat - for my health,
I suffer hypertension. Both my daughters are vegetarians, have been since
my wife and I gave up trying to convince them that they couldn't be.
A few weeks back all of us stopped at a McDonald's drive-thru in East London
and my daughters both ordered the Veggie Delux, I had a Big Mac and my wife
hade nuggets (she has gone off beef since the BSE scare).
Anyway, on leaving we were confronted by a small group of protests with banners
and placards slagging of McDonald's. They had signs saying stuff like
'McDonald's Murders Animals' etc. We were given some leaflets and we
drove off.
I didn't read the leaflets at that time, but my daughters did and said that
they would not be going back to McDonald's, even for their Veggie burgers.
My wife starting talking to my daughters about going vegetarian (she has done
that quite often) and hasn't eaten any meat for the last week.
My wife persuaded my to read the leaflet a few nights ago. I thought it was all
propaganda and wasn't surprised that the Greenpeace people were being sued over it.
I noticed the web address for McSpotlight and loged on about two hours ago.
I have been reading lots of stuff; the witnesses statements of the nutritional
experts, the trial news documents, and downloaded some of the closing speeches to
read later.
From what I have read so far I have to say, I am amazed. I am amazed that
companies such as McDonald's can get away with producing such misleading information
and adverts, I am amazed that diet and nutrition are not given a higher priority
in or society - especialy when the evidence seems to show such great benefits are
available from good diet.
I plan to join my daughters in their boycott of McDonald's and try to join my
wife in attempting to become vegetarian - or at least significantly reduce the
amount of meat in my diet.

Thank you for providing this site - it has been an eye opener.

Mr Willett

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