The McSpotlight Awards Cabinet

Any critical acclaim is only as worthy as the person who bestows it, and you will notice that we have incorporated many printed media reviews of McSpotlight within this web site. To show that we do not believe these to be any more worthy than electronic reviews by our peers, we are including here some of the awards we have been sent by people shamelessly hoping to get links from McSpotlight ;-)

Anarchy award
Mr Rogers award
Blue Ribbon CyberStop of the week
Radical website of the week award
Vancouver Progressive Homepages
"Radical Website of the Week"
EuroCool award
Europe's Cool Site of the Day
Magellan 4* award
Magellan "4-Star" site.
Creme de la Creme award
Creme de la
Creme Award
Directory Goldaward
The Directory - Gold award.
Envirolink - What Soars
Envirolink - What Soars
Corporate Watch Award
Corporate Watch
Corporation Buster Award (1st recipient!)
WebBuilder - Global Hero
Global Web Builders
Global Hero for March 1996
Pylon award
Pylon Award! (2nd recipient!)
NetGuide Gold award
NetGuide gold site
Netizen Great Review
Netizen Great Review.
Disinformation Subversive Site Award

Disinformation Subversive Site Award!
4 Grenade Site!
DisInformation - 4 Grenade Site!