Big Mac

The unauthorized story of McDonald's

by Max Boas
Steve Chain

The widely-publicized behind-the-scenes expose of an American hamburger empire..."their slogan ought to be, 'at McDonald's we do it all to you'!" - Washington Post

Mass production. Cheap labour. Uniform quality. Easy access. That's the basic formula for the terrifying success of Ray Kroc, a traveling salesman, and the McDonald's hamburger empire he started in 1954.

Today, McDonald's boasts 3500 stands around the globe and employs 150,000 low-paid teen-agers who process and serve three billion hamburgers a year. Two billion dollars annually finds its way into McDonald's cash registers, and Ray Kroc is personally worth $450,000,000.

  • Says a Time investigative reporter, "McDonald's is the epitome of capitalism - a success story of shabby business practices... a morally corrupt organization that is not doing anything illegal."

  • The American Dream? Here is the whole, incredible inside story of Big Mac..."a frightening example of free enterprise gone wild...cutting...devestating...outrageous details!"

  • "It would make even Ronald McDonald have second thoughts about eating between the golden arches!"

  • "It will blow your mind!"

    Published in 1977 by:

    Max Boas and Steve Chain

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