Answers and winners - week two

The second week of the competition saw the broadcast of the Channel 4 TV reconstruction of the McLibel trial which resulted in a massive increase in UK visitors to the site. A far larger percentage of the answers were correct than in the first week.

The winners are; Siamak Alimi (UK), Bill Best (USA?), Scott L Jacobsen (Canada), David Hardman (UK), Robert G. Cooke (Canada)

Honorary mentions (but no prize) go to; Paul-Jan Kolk (Holland), Ian Vaudrey (UK), Alex Stone (UK), Neil Sehgal (USA) and Lily Phan (Canada).

1. Who is representing the defendants (Helen Steel and Dave Morris) in the trial that Michael Mansfield QC described as "the trial of the century"?

B: Helen Steel and Dave Morris.

    A: Michael Mansfield QC.
    B: Helen Steel and Dave Morris.
    C: Richard Rampton QC.
    D: Hamburglar and Grimace.

2. Who plays Dave Morris in Dennis Woolfs epic courtroom reconstruction of the McLibel trial?

D: Peter- Hugo Daly

    A: Noam Chomsky
    B: Clive Merrision
    C: Malcolm Sinclair
    D: Peter- Hugo Daly

3. Seven years after the libel writs were served the case will finally be judged by;

B: Mr Justice Bell.
C: The public at large.       (there was no jury in the trial)
D: The world's media.

    A: The jury of twelve good men and true.
    B: Mr Justice Bell (the judge on his first libel trial).
    C: The public at large.
    D: The world's media.

4. The court heard that McKey Foods Ltd. (McDonald's UK hamburger supplier) had calculated that McDonald's used beef from;

C: one in twelve of all cattle slaughtered in the UK.

    A: over 84 countries by 1994.
    B: cows that had died in their sleep of old age.
    C: one in twelve of all cattle slaughtered in the UK.
    D: pigs kept in dry sow stalls.

5. In 1982, how many people were affected by the E.coli food poisoning outbreak in Oregon and Michigan USA, for which McDonald's has admitted responsibility?

D: at least forty seven.

    A: Twenty seven hospitalised and three killed.
    B: Between 1500-2750.
    C: None. McDonald's food is aways properly cooked.
    D: at least forty seven.

Tie-breaker. Best, worst and most bizarre examples given below