Reclaming Capital
Democratic Initiatives and Community Development
by Christopher Gunn
Hazel Dayton Gunn

US publication details:
Published by Cornell University Press
April 1991
Price $14.95 (paperback)
isbn: 0801495741

Towns...often eagerly await the day when the golden arches sprout next door to the local car dealership. But what really happens to a community with the arrival of the uni-burger?

"Simply magnificent. The authors tackle a topic of enormous importance, demonstrate an absolute mastery of a vast literature, mine the evidence for insightful gems, and write in a refreshingly straightforward and elegant manner."

    Edward S.Greenburg, Program on Political and Economic Change, University of Colorado, Boulder

Reclaiming Capital will be a vital resource for activists, elected officials, and others concerned with urban and regional planning.

Christopher Gunn teaches economics at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Hazel Dayton Smith is a freelance editor and weaver.

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