A Compendium of the Hidden Secrets of Fast Food Catering

by Tim Lobstein, PhD
Assisted by Fiona Carruthers, Michelle Rae Kirwin and Morag Haynes

A Survival Guide to the Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly of Fast Foods

We eat over seven billion (7, 000, 000, 000) meals out a year in Britain. Yet we have virtually no idea what is in this food. In a handful of posh restaurants they might cook part of the meal at the table. But for most of us, our meal comes in a paper wrapper over the counter of a fast food chain. Unlike the supermarkets, there are no labels on the fish and chips or quarter pounder to tell us what percentage of fish or meat makes up the meal, or what 'E's' have been added to keep the meat 'fresh' and the fish 'golden'. And certainly no one is going to tell you what your fast food meal lacks in vitamins and minerals.

The Fast Food Guide, researched and compiled by Tim Lobstein of the London Food Commission, investigates our changing eating habits and shows what fast foods are doing to both our bodies and the environment we live in.

The Fast Food Guide, will become a 'must' handbook for parents concerned about their children's diet and for anyone who finds fast food increasingly becoming a part of their everyday diet.

Did you know?

Published in 1988 by:

Tim Lobstein

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