McDonald's plans major expansion

ARC News, March 1996

McDonald's Corp. said Wednesday it plans to accelerate its worldwide restaurant expansion, adding an average of eight restaurants a day over the next two years

Between 1,800 and 2,200 of these will be traditional restaurants with approximately two-thirds outside of the United States. The remaining 700 to 1,000 will be satellite restaurants in airports, retail stores arid' gas stations about 60 percent of which will be in the United' States.

You've probably seen adverts for the MuckD "Monopoly Game" promotion - where you get little stickers with your order and put them on a board based on the famous Monopoly game. If you get certain stickers, or various sets, you can win prizes.


In other word's, you can walk in off the street and' demand' to take part. Under the gaming laws they must let you. From my experience, this is what happens if you try': They might actually give you two stickers like you get with your chips ("fries");

Much more likely, they'll say that the only way to take part without buying anything is to put your name and address on little bits of paper they have printed, and "post" them in a box in the store - then they get sent off to head' office and someone there has to send you your stickers so that you can see if you've won anything. ("Opening" the sticker packets at Head' Office on your behalf would not be legal, since some of the prizes can only be won by collecting sets, and' you might have some stickers from some things you've actually bought - unless of course it's rigged' and' they know there aren't any winning combinations So - they MUST send you your stickers!)

Demand your two postal entries (they MUST give you 2, since that's the maximum you can get by buying things). You can make hassle for McD by simply doing this will deter you from getting on with the above scheme!)

  1. If, when you try to take part, they say you must buy something (which they often do), or if, even if they do let you take part, they only offer you one chance rather than 2, then make a note of the circumstances and report them to the Trading Standards Office of the local Council in whose area the McD is in. And chase up the Council afterwards to make sure they're doing something about it! Also - if they don't co-operate properly, you can have a loud argument with them at the time, in front of their customers, and denounce them for their illegality etc.....

  2. You can also complain to the Trading Standards office about the fact that the advertising outside the McD suggests in big print that you DO need to buy something to take part, and only says "no purchase necessary" in smaller print. This is clearly an attempt to pretend to be a sort of game or lottery where a purchase IS necessary and so discourage people who can legally take part from doing so.

  3. ALSO - after you fill In chits to be sent stickers, make sure you get them, and create a fuss if they don't turn up quickly. I know this article is too late but these kind of competitions come up all the time. If you see any animal abusing companies holding their own comp please let us know and get in there - No purchase necessary.

Since we typed out this article we have found out that the Mc are starting another competition sometime in April, this time it has a Disney theme.

Howard Lyman (former cattle rancher from Montana, USA) and director of the Humane Society of America's eating with Conscience campaign visits Britain for six days in March.

Tues. 26th he testifies on the methods and effects of cattle ranching in the USA at the McLibel Trial. Thurs. 28th a public lecture to held at the Jewish vegetarian Society, 855 Finchley Road, London starts at 7.30 pm donation. Fri. 29th and Sat 30 Scottish programme contact Advocates for Animals on 0131 225 6039 for more info.

McSpotlight WWW site is launched.

McSpotlight, is an on-line interactive library of information and communication, makes freely and available across the globe everything that McDonald's don't want the public to know.

The address is:

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