Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition

Press Release; 20 March 1996

March 20 marks the Great American Meatout, the day when animal rights activists nationwide ask all to reconsider their food choices and kick the meat habit at least for this day. What better way to convince someone to give serious thought to their diet than by showing them just what their hamburger looked like before it was processed into a pretty little package called a Big Mac?

Today we decided that people have denied the source of their meals long enough. Children have been lied to and sheltered from the reality long enough... Hamburgers don't grow in hamburger patches.

So, the Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition took the actual 600 pound corpse of a cow* and stopped at the entrance of the drive-thru, making it impossible for customers to use. For about one hour, McDonald's did not sell dead cow parts through this drive-thru! Signs held next to the body said "here's your lunch" and "still hungry?"

Many people, customers and passersby alike, came to see and were horrified by what they saw. You could see them realizing for the first time, the suffering involved in the meat industry. They were happy to take our literature so they could find out more. After reading our pamphlet, one of the police officers called to the scene declared that he would stop eating meat today!

* ARDAC played no role in the death of the cow nor did we contribute to any animal abusing industry to obtain the cow.

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