Anti McDonald's Day

October 12-18 1998 p37

October 16
Most children may think hens lay nuggets instead of eggs, but there are still plenty of grown-ups around who prefer not to eat their beef disc-shaped, smothered in relish and wedged between two pieces of plastic, although their reasons are less culinary than political.  Animal rights activists and environmentalists have long alleged that the ubiquitous restaurant chain is responsible for grand-scale destruction of already dwindling rainforest land although the company continues to protest its innocence at such claims.  And even some of the most hard-core fast-food junkies might have found the way McDonald's wielded its power to halt the actions of two leaflet-distributing activists in the 'McLibel' case a little hard to digest.

Big Macs are banned at the 14th Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day on October 16.

Ring 0171 713 1269 for details of events and protests.

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