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The Citizen (Vol3#2), December 1996

Accessed through the address the McSpotlight internet sight [sic] is in their own words "an on-line library and campaigning tool which makes available across the globe 1700 separate files containing everything that McDonalds don't want you to know" but it also contains an amazing amount of eye opening information on many other household multinationals as well as those famous golden arches.

The bulk however is concerned with McDonalds and in particular the now record breaklng McLibel trial which began on 28th June 1994. It tells the uncut and incredible story of how two London Greenpeace members refused to be silenced by the mighty McDonalds after allegedly distributing a leaflet exposing McDonalds multi-layered misconduct. McDonalds plan was nothing new; threaten libel (for which no legal aid is available) and have the unemployed defendants publicly apologise. Quick, painless and back to business.

This common intimidation tactic by the $26 billion corporation has however turned into an own goal of farcical proportions. This time the defendants 'took the stand' as it were and decided to represent themselves against one of Britain's top libel lawyers, rushing in, as many at the time saw it, where others such as the BBC, the Independent, the Guardian and even Prince Philip had feared to tread. A wealth of information about this remarkable case is accessible through this site including the libellous issues, witness statements, evidence, documents, quotes and persons involved.

This trial has enough twists, turns and dodgy dealings to justify the plot of a good novel but with the closing speeches for the plaintiff having only just begun (November 28th), and judgment expected around the New Year this time you cannot read the last page first.

There is so much more on this site including a Debating Room which leaves the floor open for personal submissions, a split screen tour of the real McDonalds site guided by McSpotlight's unique style of constructive criticism, a media scrapbook, merchandising, mailing lists, animation, audio interviews and even a choice to download this site, in the interest of preserving free speech, onto your own home pages.

Practically everything on this site is worth reading and with it all so interlinked it is [easy] to lose track of time so watch that phone bill.

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