Find out the latest on the McLibel trial

Colchester Evening Gazette

25 February 1997

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YOU may not have heard of it for a while hut tile McLi bel case—which at one stage highlighted the McDonald's in High Street Colchester, still rumbles on in the High Court. The case has a sizable internet following, and the most impressive site, known as McSpotlight, last week celebrated its first birthday with a new search engine. For those who don't rememeber, the civil case is between fast food giant McDonald's and London Greenpeace members EIeien Steel and David Morris.

The company is claiming damages after alleging that the pasr distributed a leaflet entitled 'What's wrong with McDonaid's · everything they don't want you to know.' McSpotlight ) is a well designed, well-organized site detailing everything to do with the case. It includes profiles of she judge, Steel and Morris, and key McDonald's personnel and issues discussed in the case.

There is now so much there to look at that finding something specific might be a problesn until now. A Muscat intelligent search engine has been installed on the site, which should make things easier in future.

Muscat, incidentally, is the Cambridge company specialising in site-specific search tools. It is clever because its gives you a list of options which you can either hyperlink to, or tick as good choices to ask it to find more of the same. You can find out more about Muscat at

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