Comments on McVeggie Burger

28 April 1998

on McDonald's Strategy

From: DB
>I have been getting lots of little stories about mcd selling a veggie burger,
>indicating it might be some kind of international strategy. Do we have
>anything definitive on that?

From: Dave Morris
As far as I know they're bringing it in gradually in various countries (eg UK about 4 years ago, Holland about 8 years ago)...I expect it will be global eventually - so that McDs can exploit the vegetarian 'market', and also try to undermine some of the opposition they get.

From: Doug Holland
The manager of this McDonald's is either misinformed or lying. The McVeggie doesn't exist in California, and I doubt it exists anywhere outside of the New York metro area. From working at McD when I was much younger (and dumber), their pattern is to roll out a new test menu item in a very small geographical area, certainly not nation- or world-wide.

On Food Quality

From: Maraya
According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, "Oleic acid is often used in the manufacture of adipic acid, which in turn is one of the common chemicals used to make modified food starches." If that is the case, then, strictly speaking, the McVeggie is NOT vegan. It's not even vegetarian.

From: Emanuel Goldman egoldman@UMDNJ.EDU
Does anyone know if it is fried in vegetable oil, or placed in pans next to the meat burgers (the meat grease would get into the veggie burger)? Or if grilled, is it grilled on its own section, not on top of parts of the grill also used for meat?

From: Rebecca M Hartman
And how about McDonald's buns? Are they vegan?

From: Hugh Joseph
Sorry, but if this is "vegetarian", I'd rather be a carnivore! French fries are also vegetarian - so what! This McVeggie is 60% fat, fairly high in sodium, and basically a composite of various chemical concoctions that hardly sounds natural or seems appealing. It's all pretty McDumb, in my view!

From: Kim Stringer
Hi, with reference to the McVeggie, is everyone certain that it is cooked completely separately from the meat products? The last I heard about McDonalds, they didn't even guarantee that the chips were definitely uncontaminated. (not that I'd ever consider eating in McDonalds anyway, but it's something vegetarians should be aware of).

From: Gayle Eversole
Interestingly enough the ingredients of the McVeggie are hazardous to the health of many. Mutilple chemical sensitivity is related to MSG in food. This ingredient is in hydrolyzed vegetable protein and others listed. Corn products are highly genetically engineered as is soy - can ADM be far away, and do you want sawdust for your dinner? I don't think I'll try it.

From: ElaineHF
Well, this burger should really fix someone up who has an MSG (monosodium glutamate) sensitivity. One bite of one in a grocery sampling area gave me a reaction. I could hardly breathe. Three of the ingredients most likeley have MSG - the hydrolyzed protein, autolyzed yeast and liquid smoke. If you have any readers wanting info on MSG, you can have them visit the NOMSG site:

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