Tenacity proves it worth

13 February, 1997

East Grinstead Courier (UK)

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PLANNING issues are often emotive—particularly when it comes to development on your own doorstep. One scheme that has stirred the emotions of many townsfolk is plans to turn the White Lion pub into a McDonald's drive-thru and restaurant.

While there is a large consensus of opinion that East Grinstead could benefit from such a popular outlet a large number of "ordinary" folk believe the site of the White Lion is the wrong place. Chunky documents have produced by the fast-food giant justifying using the site. Fears of increased traffic on an already busy road system have been played down.


All this evidence appears to have been backed by West Sussex County and Mid Sussex District Councils. Yet despite petitions running to hundreds of signatures the district council's planning committee decided it could not find grounds to refuse the scheme.

Protest fel1 by the wayside but there is one man left who has vowed to fight on to see the decision reversed. Whether you agree or disagree with the cause Richard Tassell deserves recog,nition for his efforts. He has been refused legal aid to seek leave to apply for a judicial review but he decided on a DIY job and successfully gained the leave in London's Royal Courts of Justice.

There is a long legal road ahead but what ever the outcome at least he will know has done everything possible to get the decision he believes to be right.

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